Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back to GSE

I'm back to taking GSE after not taking it for about 10 days. I guess I got out of the habit during my recent trip to NY. Wow, that stuff is so bitter...but I woke up this morning with not the clearest tongue, and I don't want to have to start this all over again.

I did have a week of drinking lots of coffee though; that is, for me. I had one cup almost every day. I know that's not a lot for most people, but I had been drinking 1-2 cups a week before I got this Candida thing. As readers of this blog know, the main thing I missed following the Candida diet was coffee. That really took me by surprise. Anyway, I got into a cup a day since getting back to Israel from New York. It helped me get over the jet lag, but
now I've got to cut down. Today, for example, I didn't have any at all.

Also, truth be told, I've been ingesting more sugar than I really need. I know I went too far with it. I'm gonna try to cut down...

Two interesting products that I got in the US are a tea tree oil toothpaste and a mouthwash called Healthy Gums that contains GSE, goldenseal, tea trea oil, and a lot of other good and natural stuff. I've been using it for a couple of days and it is very pleasant. I only hope it's strong enough...time will tell.


Djinn said...

Hi - just discovered your blog. I know it's a difficult journey, but it's definitely worth sticking with the supplements and the anti-Candida diet. Have been on it now for just over two years after a decade of problems associated with candida overgrowth. The problems are still there, but the symptoms are much reduced and, crucially, I'm able to managed and control them these days with my diet.

On the subject of oral thrush, my nutritional therapist has recently put me on Biocare's Oxy-pro, which - according to the company's blurb - claims to be an antiseptic antagonistic to candida, and can be effective against oral thrush (the site of my infection is rooted a little further down!). Might be something to suggest to your therapist if you're not getting on well with GSE (grapeseed extract??). That was the first anti-fungal I tried - didn't find it as nearly as effective as caprylic acid (which I later went on) - and I too experienced burning when taking it (though this could just be interpreted as the candida fighting back!). Good luck anyway. If you ever need any inspiration, there's a collection of anti-Candida diet friendly recipes on my blog ( - though some are only suitable for those on the maintenance diet. Although I wouldn't wish candida problems on my worst enemy, it is such a relief to find that other people are experiencing the same problems - security in numbers. :)

Migelooch said...

Hi djinn and welcome!

GSE is grapefruit seed extract. If you search my blog (or click the supplements link) you can read about it. Don't you take it? I thought it was always part of the anti-Candida diet.

I've heard of caprylic acid, especially on the site. Just the idea that it's called "acid" worries me because I tend to react badly to acidic foods.

Thanks so much for letting me know about your blog. I'm going to put a link to it here. I'm really impressed that you have been following this for 2 years!!


Djinn said...

Thanks for comments and the link Migelooch. I've been writing my blog since August, and while it's mainly an exercise in recording bits of info and recipes I pick up here and there for my own personal use, it's great to know my experiences can be useful for someone else. :) When my symptoms first appeared (twelve years ago now), there was scant info or understanding about candida overgrowth, and it's taken me a very long time to find something that works for me, beyond the conventional treatments which treat the symptoms, but not the cause of the problem. Even when I started the diet it was difficult to find ready-prepared meals, or even ingredients, which were anti-Candida friendly. I'm glad to say that, in the UK at least with the current move away from processed, over-packaged and chemical-ridden food, the situation has much improved.

Yes, I took Grapeseed Extract (marketed in the UK as Citricidal) to begin with, but it just wasn't strong enough to deal with my problems. Caprylic acid (aka Mycopryl) is coconut extract and a powerful antifungal. You have to build up the dose slowly though, and be prepared for some quite heavy duty 'die- off' symptoms for a while. It took nearly a year of taking a fairly hefty dose before I experienced much overall improvement (and to be honest, the thrush got worse, before it got better). So, if you can't take it, it might be a good idea to increase your intake of coconut derived products anyway, if you can. Every little bit helps! I'm still on a low dosage of mycopryl (caprylic acid) as well as oxy-pro. Apparently you should change your anti-fungals from time to time to prevent the candida from becoming resistant. Another anti-fungal I've heard about is Oregano oil (?). Onions and garlic are also pretty good.

After having near chronic, in fact constant, thrush for ten years and being completely dismissed by conventional medicine as hysterical (yes, seriously!) - the last comment from the consultant gynaecologist was 'sorry - you're just unlucky. You'll have to find some way of dealing with it - I tried the anti-Candida diet as a last resort. And for a long while I didn't think it was helping at all, but within a year I began to see an improvement and now, two years later, I only experience the occasionally flare-up of symptoms. It's a long old slog, but it's worth it in the end. Good luck!

Migelooch said...

Thanks very much for your story.

I tried Oreganol and hated it so much that I stopped taking it. But I've heard that it's extremely powerful, so I may have to go back to it. You can read about it on my blog in the posts marked "supplements" I think.

I keep thinking my thrush is gone, and then here and there it flares up again. So I need to make some decisions...


Anonymous said...

I don't know about in the UK or Israel, but out here in Canada the caprilyc acid is mixed with olive oil instead of a coconut extract. I don't find it acidic at all, but djinn is right about a die-off happening...usually around 4 or 5 days, then it tapers off, and then hits again a week or so later when the stronger candida die off. This is usally lightheadedness, fuzzy brain, sometimes headaches...some people may get a bit nauseous but I never did. Lemon juice helps a lot with dealing with the die-off minimizes or prevents them. Garlic and ginger would help as well. I've never heard of coconut helpign though...I'll have to look into that. Good luck to the both of you.

Migelooch said...

Actually my practitioner told me to totally stay away from coconut.

Djinn said...

I think what this proves is that a lot of the advice given about Candida problems is anecdotal and a bit hit and miss to be honest. Everyone tells you something different! Take mushrooms for example. My first nutritional therapist said I could have them (cos there's no evidence that they exacerbate Candida problems), my second - and current - therapist says they are absolutely prohibited, but can't really tell me why! Even though the diet has really helped me, I still can't quite get away from the feeling that a lot of the prohibitions are a bit 'cranky' - cutting them out worked for one person, so it becomes received wisdom.

Btw, here's a bit more info about Caprylic Acid:

Perhaps you were advised to avoid coconut because it's pretty powerful stuff and your therapist prefers a more gentle approach!

Migelooch said...

My practitioner's approach was anything but gentle! I say "was" because I stopped going to him. I found him expensive and his recommendations much too severe.

I think that mushrooms are often forbidded because they are a fungus. I doubt very much whether scientifically they are related to candida.

Phil Richardson said...

I have had a lot of unusual symptoms over the last three years. It started with shingles and then the next oddity was nausea after eating. This was relieved by burping. Then sometime later I developed small lumps in my thumb and fingers and pain in my finger joints. After some weeks they went but then joint pain set in elbows, knees and neck. The pain would last for a few days or a couple of weeks, then disappear. I was mystified.
These symptoms would come and go at will over the next year. Then last year I developed problems with left eye only, blurred vision. So I went to my GP who referred me to the hospital for examination. Dilation proved nothing. My optometrist said that my left eye had gone from +2.50 to suddenly +4.00 so referred me for a corneal topography. The result was normal and I was discharged.
Then I started getting pains in my lower right rib cage and so I started to check out all these symptoms on the internet. This could be candida overgrowth.
Apparently once candida gets into the bloodstream it can work on soft tissue, mucous membranes and where ever there is a weakness.
So my left eye problems was connected to a fractured cheek bone some 30 years prior where I had double vision for 6 months.
The pain in my ribs was from a fracture of three of them following a fall seven years ago.
Then I started getting flatulence at night and my bowel movements changed daily.
I normally only sleep 5-7 hours a night, but then I was always feeling lethargic and sleeping 10-12 hours a night.
So after research I decided to take a good probiotic Threelac and Candida Clear that had good antifungal properties. That was in Sept.2011. The Threelac I stopped 6 months later but I still take Candida Clear, half the recommended dosage.
Now I am pleased to say some 11 months later that my left eye has gone back to +2.50 (new glasses again), my bowel movements are normal, I sleep regular hours. But some things don't change. I still have oral thrush and loss of appetite at times. Sometimes flatulence at night but that depends what I eat for my main evening meal.
I did restrict myself to the candida diet to start with, cut out all sugars, vinegar products, mushrooms, nuts, reduce dairy products, but have slowly reintroduced them without serious defects. I guess if I was to completely follow a candida diet I could now be free of this now, but I restrict what I eat now.
But as a suggestion stop eating foods that the candida thrives on, like sugar in all forms, white bread, carbs (like potatoes), fruit like bananas go for grapefruit instead. Don't eat fungi like mushrooms, don't use ketchup or vinegar.
Cooking in oil like frying. I now use Coconut Oil whereas before I liked peanut oil. This comes as granule, keep it in the fridge, but cooking with it as an oil once melted is great for eggs, omelettes, etc. Nothing tastes of coconut, but it browns and the result is A1. So here you are consuming Caprylic acid good to fight the candida.
If you have problems with athletes foot like I have had for many years then use citricidal or commonly known as GSE. It says do not use use this externally without dilution. Well I have used it for ten years or more undiluted on my feet without any problems. It kills the fungus between the toes and your feet smell normal. The decaying skin between the toes goes.
I hope that this addition here will help you all with this vicious candida that invades our bodies.