Friday, March 23, 2007

The Cardboard Diet: an anti-Candida recipe blog!

I'm so happy to have heard from Djinn, the writer of the Cardboard Diet blog, which features loads of recipes for anti-Candida. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried folic acid for your RSD?
By InHisHands
A friend was telling me that she had something called "burning mouth syndrome" and she had the burning hot nerve pain and after she took folic acid for 3 weeks it went away. She mentioned it to me knowing that I have nerve pain. ...

NeuroTalk Communities -

Hello! I've written you before, comparing our BMS symptoms and treatments. I'm the teacher, in CA, who went to the Mayo Clinic... Here's a blog site you might find interesting. I've done some reading on folic acid helping, but haven't tried it. My email is, if you want to 'talk' more. Good Luck. Kate Nelson

Migelooch said...

Hi Kate, What's RSD? Thanks for the link; I'll check it out.

There is folic acid in my B complex that I take every day, so for me I'm not sure that's the answer.


Ann said...

I agree with this completely, thanks for the post.

Migelooch said...

Hi Ann, You mean you agree that folic acid helps? Please explain...


Migelooch said...

Please ask an expert for questions like these. I'm *only* a person who followed a detox diet for Candida. I recommend this forum for any questions:

likelyto said...

I am hoping that someone out there knows of a blog or newsletter or (best of all) a cookbook that features recipes for people who are following a very strict candida diet.

I was so excited to find the Cardboard Diet until I saw that the first two recipes that she featured relied heavily on ingredients that I have cut out of my diet for the duration of the cleanse (i.e. carrots, potatoes, tomatoes).

If you know of such a book, please let me know! I am eating green veggies, coconut, olive and flax oils, nuts, nut butters, organic meats and eggs, wild fish and small amounts of whole grains.

Migelooch said...


I recommend that you try

They've got some recipes there, and it's an excellent site.

Jack said...

I wanted to know more about a candida cleanse, this blog gives great info on something many of us havent heard of.

No added sugar..but sweeter than ever said...

Hi there,

It's incredible that the doctors don't tell people to change diet before handing out pills. I got well for the 3rd time by staying away from sugar, wheat, yeast & milk.

One also have to avoid anti-biotics as it kills the good bacteria as well. (take pro-biotics to get balanced stomach again)

My latest issue was that i had a nasal polyp and could not breathe. I stopped with the above food, and got well in 1 week. I can breathe again!!

Good luck to everyone!

Tongue Yeast Infection said...

Thanks for your info.

Migelooch said...

Thanks for sharing :)

Kathleen Stevens said...

After experiencing a yeast infection last year I have been eating fresh garlic everyday. I actually ingest it orally and my infection has not returned.

candida symptoms said...

Ive tried all the diets, and i have clients who respond well to some aspects of them.
Cutting out the sugars of course, but also getting the stress under control seems to be a huge benefit.
One aspect many practitioners seem to miss out on.
All the best

Sandra said...

I've been following the candida diet for some time and found Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook very helpful in terms of diet advice and different menues.

Thanks for the tip with the wholeapproach site - must check it out.

I've started posting some of the recipes that have helped me on my blog

Hope this helps ;-)


Anonymous said...

I recommend liquid pinecone extract. I had candida and it has been gone since I started taking it. I know numerous people who have tried it and experienced the same results.