Saturday, March 17, 2007

Probiotics in the news

I read an article of interest today on Dr. Andrew Weil's site; apparently probiotics may prevent cancer!

Probiotics May Help Prevent Cancer
A new study from Belgium suggests that daily intake of probiotics (friendly bacteria) and prebiotics (substances that nourish friendly bacteria in the intestines) may reduce the activity of enzymes in the colon that produce carcinogenic compounds. A small study that included 53 young, healthy volunteers who took probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics (a combination of probiotics and the foods that foster their growth) found that certain probiotics and prebiotics decreased levels of enzymes believed to be involved with the development of colon cancer. The synbiotic didn’t appear to help. We’ve got to learn a lot more on this subject than this study reveals – as one of the researchers noted, it didn’t show that people will live longer, healthier lives because of the new findings. The study was published on February 28, 2007 in the advance online issue of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Meanwhile, in the United States, the growing popularity of products with probiotics (now one of the top five foods people say they want to add to their diets) generated concerns that consumers have no way of knowing the exact strain of what they’re getting or how much probiotic a product contains.


stars said...

Glad to see you are back and still pecking away @ your Candida blog. Yes, probiotics are getting alot of good press - and rightly so!


Migelooch said...

Hi stars, nice to hear from you! :)