Monday, May 28, 2007


I haven't posted in a very long time...2 months! I simply wasn't able to follow even a modified version of the Candida diet beyond the month and a half or so beginning, where I succeeded in following it to the letter.

In general I've never been able to follow any diet for very long, so I'm impressed with how long I lasted on this one; longer than any I ever followed in the past.

My "burning mouth syndrome" is now pretty much gone. I think it's a combination of having followed the diet, and also recently I got the crown for my implant and that has also soothed my poor tongue. It was not good for me having that gap for so long and apparently created an irritation.

Thanks to all for your encouragement and interest, and sorry if I've let you down!

I'm considering using this blog as a diet log, as I must go on a weight loss diet soon, so I hope to be continuing this soon.


Anonymous said...

My story is about my personal journey through severe candida infestation to wellness. Life has never been better for me, in fact I can even thank candida for providing me the tool to change my previous sorry existence into something graceful and profound.
Lots of love, Kaetie

Migelooch said...

Thanks for writing...


Anonymous said...

Some companies have been trying to take advantage of the Candida epidemic. This one really made me mad. It's called Micronutra (goes by other names too: Techmedica, True Value Media -they kept changing names) First they set up about 30 websites selling, "reviewing", and "blogging" their product Candidol. (They sell basically this same formula as a "cure" for many different diseases.)

Well their karmas have caught up with them because I just read by googling thier company names that the owners got arrested by the feds for fraudulent advertising. (google techmedica fraud or candidol fraud)

It just seems that there is always someone to take your money if you have a need. Too bad. Buyer beware is the thing to remember.

MJ said...

I have been on and off candida diets for a few years, so I totally know what you're going through. It's so extreme, you really have to be ready for it! The longest I ever lasted was 10 weeks, but I've never been able to do more than 4 or 5 weeks other than that. I'm looking into other treatments for it, so if you're interested, check out if/when you're ready.

Migelooch said...

Thanks for sharing. I took a peek. Good luck! :-)

Hope said...

Hi, I know exactly what you mean about not being able to keep to the candida diet after the initial de-tox! I was really strict for three months (apart from two occasions when I was out at dinner and the menu was not candida friendly lol) ... but fell off the bandwagon in a bad way after my therapist gave me the all clear!!! Keep thinking I should be really strict again, but it's so difficult. Good luck with your diets, I find keeping a blog really helps me stay focused on my goals xxx

Linda said...

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Anonymous said...

I have many symptoms of candida overgrowth. I've had thrush almost constantly for over 3 years, I've felt sick almost constantly for longer, I'm sleepy all the time, my mood swings are stupid and I want it all to go away. I know it makes me feel rubbish and the best way to do it is The Diet so I know this is petty and silly but I just don't want to do it again. Is there any other way to get rid of it or to make the diet easier?
I tried about 6 months ago and managed 2 months. I had a lot of support from my family and friends and people who knew about it but I was such a handful and felt miserable about it. I felt hopeful the whole time but I think it may have been more hope that it wouldn't work because that would mean I didn't have to do it again.
I would be very grateful if you could you advise me how else to treat this or, if there isn't another way, how to approach this in a way I can face. My doctor just says "there is no proof", so I guess she just doesn't believe in it.

Migelooch said...

Hello H.,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I was able to follow the diet for only a month and a half or so. It was very difficult, but I have heard of people who have followed it for longer. I suggest you try There is a forum there with a lot of very supportive people. Good luck!


Terry said...

I too have candida but seem to be sticking to the diet pretty well. I just posted the Candida diet on my blog that my herbalist gave me.

Migelooch said...

Thanks Terry and good luck!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you're still taking comments.

I just wanted to mention a few things that you may not have heard of, and may sound shocking -- especially after reading some of your experiences with your 'strict' doctor -- but anyway here goes:

Candida is a normal part of the digestive tract -- "killing' it is kind of bizarre, but many have made a lot of money on anti-candida products.

Candida's only a problem when it grows out of control, usually a result of a heavy metal problem (typically mercury from amalgam fillings). Candida grows in these situations in order to PROTECT the body from those heavy metals -- once they're removed or detoxed in whatever way you decide upon, the candida levels should reduce.

There is also the theory that while it is very wise to avoid processed and refined carbs, if one restricts the diet too much, then the candida or other fungal organisms will GO LOOKING ELSEWHERE for food. In other words, sure, complex carbs and other things may be feeding the candida (although that's debatable), but by feeding them, they are keeping the candida in the intestinal tract where it belongs. Also a strict diet may put so much stress on the body that it can't possibly heal or become healthy.

3. People will talk about "die-off" etc., when on these strict diets. Might it be possible that the symptoms one is experiencing is a result of starving the body of nutrients it needs to function normally?

4. Probiotics -- one needs HIGH DOSE, and needs to rotate these, and take them first thing in the morning and late at night. Taking them after a meal is the worst time...they'll just get destroyed by stomach acid.

5. Raw honey is antifungal, at least some varieties. Taking a small amount can satisfy the sweet tooth, without causing huge problems. In fact, one book by an M.D. (Feast without Yeast) says to avoid yeasty foods, but that honey is okay.

And finally, speaking of stomach acid, if one has low stomach acid, then candida may grow out of control. A trial of betaine HCL, might be worthwhile.

Best of luck.

Terry said...

Just stopping over to say hi and to let you know I have put a linky up to list all the candida blogs.

Candida is such a terrible illness that I thought anyone who needs to find out about candida should have a place where they can find all the blogs easier.

Please stop over and link up. Thanks Terry
My Journey With Candida Below is where you will find the linky

Plinian Muse said...


Good for you for taking control of your health! I love the focus of what you're doing here. I'd like to link to you (and maybe vice versa?) since my blog is basically a Candida-friendly cookbook and I think it would be a good compliment to what you're doing!

Migelooch said...

Sure. Go ahead and link to me if you want. I'll add a link to your blog in any case.